W9 HD sports camera

W9 HD IP68 Waterproof Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera

The market is full of action cameras like the W9 HD, although there are only few image processor (SoC) manufactures. On all these GoPro clones the concept is the same, they put together an imaging processor and a CMOS image sensor on a reasonable looking body. Mainly, the accessory pack is similar and interchangeable between the models.

This new W9 HD action cam is based on the Sunplus 6630M imaging processor and the Aptima CMOS 3MP image sensor, the 12MP photo resolution is achieved with software interpolation.

Through the Wi-Fi connectivity, the W9 camera can be paired with a smartphone (Android or iOS) to frame the shots and share the photos and videos instantly.

With a generous accessory pack this camera is a perfect mate for outdoor sports.

W9 HD Camera features and specs:

Imaging unit Sunplus 6630M
Image sensor Aptina 0330 CMOS
Sensor size 3.0 MP (2048 x 1536)
Lens f= 2.99mm, F= 2.8, 140 degree viewing angle
Display Yes, 2? color LCD display
Video formats Full HD: 1920*1080P/30fps, HD: 1280*720P/60fps and 480P: 848*480P/60fps
Audio Built-in microphone and speaker
Photo resolution 12MP (4000×3000), 8MP (3264×2448), 5MP (2560×1920), 3MP (2048×1536), 2MP (16:9 1920×1080), 1.2MP (1280×960) and VGA (640×480)
Working modes Video and photo mode. Time-lapse mode. Burst mode.
Battery 3.7v 900mAh
Storage Up to 32 micro SD memory card
Connectivity Wi-Fi with 20-50 meters range
Connectors micro USB and micro HDMI
Waterproof 30meters
FPV not specified
Other IP68 passed. Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.
Camera size 6.5 x 5 x 3.5 cm
Weight 59g with battery
Colors Black and pink
Included with W9 HD action camera
  • 30 meter waterproof housing;
  • USB data and charging cable;
  • 3.7v 900mAh battery;
  • Battery charger;
  • Handle bar;
  • Bicycle camera mount;
  • Helmet camera base;
  • 4 pcs of bondage;
  • 3M adhesive tape;
  • Tether;
  • LCD Protective backdoor;
  • 7 pcs of camera mounts;
  • Lens cloth;
  • W9 HD camera instruction manual.


  1. Alex
      August 26, 2015

    Hi there,
    I have this action camera.
    Do you know how can I found the original firmware?

    • fpvac
        October 1, 2015

      sorry, NO

  2. Lou
      October 23, 2015

    Could you help me how to change the wifi ID and password of the W9 sport cam, please?

    Thank you.

  3. Shaharudeen
      November 17, 2015

    How do I change the wifi ID and password?
    Please help. Thanks

    • fpvac
        November 26, 2015

      Sorry, I’m afraid that you can’t do that. The WIFi password is probably fixed by the W9’s manufacturer.

  4. Tomasz
      December 24, 2015

    Have this camera usb av?

    • fpvac
        December 25, 2015

      Probably NO

  5. Cadrey
      February 3, 2016

    Help pls, I cant find the Wi-Fi password of my w9 camera

    • alex
        October 25, 2017


  6. Walther Gallay
      March 15, 2016

    I try the “initial password” ” 12345678″ (copied from the pdf user manual) but it doesn’t works, i can’t connect the camera to the wifi, ’cause the password’s wrong (reset don’t ameliorate the relation 😉
    Help i neeeed somebody help 😉

    • Jenny
        September 5, 2016

      I have just purchased the same camera and the password is listed as 1234567890
      Hope this helps

  7. RB
      March 22, 2016

    try 1234567890, this is correct password.

    • eka
        August 17, 2017


  8. Dast H
      April 1, 2016

    @Walther Gallay: WiFi password is “1234567890” (http://www.eken.com/w9 -> Manual)

    • claude duquette
        June 30, 2016

      Thanks for your reply or I be lost. There no video or other info for this action cam. I had to google it to bring me to this page to get the website you wrote down with password was the only way I learned how to configure my Lg g4 cell phone to link through WiFi the action cam and get the download for the scanner to auto download the app to do it with. Now I can use my phone to look through the action cam W9 which being use for my quad-copter.

  9. Milos
      June 21, 2016

    I can not hear a sound when the camera is in a waterproof case. Is it OK or not?


  10. Rohan Chhabria
      June 30, 2016

    Hey, how can we shoot a TimeLapse video from the W9.

  11. Billy
      July 8, 2016

    Idk my password how do I get it

  12. mike wensel
      August 17, 2016

    how can i connect the W9 HD camera to my win 10 laptop to view, like using your android phone?

    • gihan
        May 29, 2017

      you can download” bluestacs” then you can download the Android app to the laptop and use it like you’re phone

      dint try it yet but it will work in theory

  13. Pascal
      October 23, 2016

    Wenn ich Videos drehe kommt immer “dateifehler”

  14. el
      October 29, 2016

    I had this camera early this year and just used it once due to the Time Stamp that can’t be removed though it was set to OFF on the settings.
    Anyone here has the same problem?


  15. Anthony Linnane
      December 29, 2016

    When I record from my iPhone it will only record in one minute sections.
    When I record directly from the camera, it records fine.
    Is there a way of fixing this to record everything on one clip on the iPhone

  16. Ming
      March 28, 2017

    Any e-copy of user manual available for free download?

  17. gihan
      May 29, 2017

    hay mine seams to be overheating please help can i buy a open case for my cam

  18. Glen
      June 7, 2017

    Thanks for this INFORMATION…Manny offers this kind of action cameras, almost all of them are identical, we all know how cheap they were..
    The problem is consumers do not know exactly the specification of what they are buying up until i found this site..

    So the CHIPSET of W9, probably W8 utilizes the SUNPLUS chip rather than NOVATEK series..
    and the Sensor used are APTINA and not SONY EXMOR…

    That make sense of their cheap price..Thank you Blog poster..

  19. ryan wilson
      July 7, 2017

    hi i have an action camera and when i am recording it it onthe app of my phone it only last for 1 min then restarts a new video clip on its own and it does this every 1 min and in the setteng i dont have a continue option.

    would be massivelly appreciated if someone ccould help me.

    thank you

  20. LJ
      July 13, 2017

    Video compression format is not H.264,

    • LJ
        July 13, 2017

      Its only motion Jpeg format not h.264. ive tried it.

  21. male
      July 16, 2017

    what is the highest fps of this cam and what resolution is it?

  22. Eddie78
      August 26, 2017

    My w9 got a problem recording videos..only recording about 10 minutes and then it will jammed..i had to remove the battery and start again..can it be fixed..please help me..

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