EKEN H8 PRO action camera with real UHD

EKEN H8 Pro camera

EKEN H8 PRO the new “GoPro Killer”? Since GoPro released their first model, many Chinese action camera manufacturers tried to equal their video quality. This EKEN H8 PRO is the second model after the Xiaomi Yi 4K which seems to be a real competitor for the Hero4 Black. Compared to other cheap action cameras, this new EKEN

AMKOV AMK100S panoramic action cam

AMKOV AMK100S action camera

AMKOV AMK100S 360 degree 1440P WiFi Action Camera After several 360 degree camera announcements it was time for AMKOV to come up with a contender. Although the AMKOV AMK100S‘s lens has only 220° field of view it is advertised as fully panoramic camera. The AMK100S camera has multiple control possibilities. It can be

Mokacam 4K sports camera

Mokacam 4K camera

Mokacam 4K world’s smallest UHD action camera This Mokacam 4K comes with approximately the same form factor and size like the popular Hero4 Session but with greater video and photo resolution. The add-on live view LCD screen is a great news for those who are accustomed to see in real-time exactly

Amkov AMK7000S time-lapse camera

Amkov AMK7000S UHD camera

Amkov AMK7000S “UHD” camera with time-lapse mode Amkov is not a new name in the world of action cameras, if I count correctly the AMK7000S is their 9th camera model. One of their most popular camera is the AMK5000S which was already introduced on my blog. This Amkov AMK7000S is advertised as 4K action camera. After a closer look

ThiEYE i60 waterproof action camera

ThiEYE i60 action camera

ThiEYE i60 camera with up to 120fps Finally a sports camera that is built not just to be robust but also to be very stylish. The ThiEYE i60 camera has a very clean and professional design and it is available in 3 different colors (silver, gold and black). Compared with large DSLR cameras, the ThiEYE

SJ5000x 2K camera from SJCam

SJ5000x 2K action camera

SJ5000x with gyro anti-shake system SJCAM models like this new SJ5000x became over time one of the most popular sports camera for the extreme sports enthusiasts. Not to mention that they are probably the most feared competitor of the GoPro cameras. The SJCam action cams are popular for the good after sale customer support (firmware upgrades) and very

FIREFLY 5S FPV quadcopter camera


Hawkeye FIREFLY 5S with ultra high capacity battery There are three important factors around action cameras: image quality, features and recording time. I can’t tell that this Hawkeye FIREFLY 5S excels in terms of image quality but definitely should have the longest operation time. Powered with a ultra high capacity 1600mAh battery the continuous working

iLEPO SJ5000 Plus

ILEPO SJ5000 Plus action camera

iLEPO SJ5000 Plus with 173 degree wide angle lens In my opinion there is nothing outstanding on this new iLEPO SJ5000 Plus action camera, it is  just another SJCam clone. The iLEPO SJ5000 Plus is based on the same Novatek 96655 SoC (system-on-a-chip) as the SJcam’s model. On the first look,

Dazzne P3 FHD action cam

Dazzne P3 camera

Dazzne P3 sports camera with 16MP Panasonic image sensor This new Dazzne P3 action camera is based on the powerful Ambarella A7LS imaging unit and the high quality Panasonic MN34120 image sensor. The camera is capable to record ultra high speed videos with up to 120fps. For almost continuous functionality, this

Discovery DS100 adventures camera

Discovery DS100 camera

Discovery DS100 camera with remote controller Probably this new DS100 camera is has nothing to do with the Discovery TV channels, but it was a smart idea to make a likeness with it. The Discovery DS100 compared to other action cameras has fully waterproofed without any additional case or housing. This