ThiEYE T5e true UltraHD action camera

ThiEye T5e UHD action camera

ThiEYE T5e, cheaper alternative to the Xiaomi Yi 2? Lately, ThiEYE came up with some serious competitors in the world of action cameras. The ThiEYE T5e is advertised to be their first “Authentic 4K” action cam. According to the features, the ThiEYE T5e and the Xiaomi Yi 2 are very similar

FuriBee H8S 4K action camera with 30fps

FuriBee H8S 4K UHD camera

FuriBee H8S –  Action camera under $150 for pixel fanatics Thanks to the latest Ambarella A12S75 SoC (imaging processor), UHD action cameras like this FuriBee H8S become widely available. The first 4K action cameras were able to record Ultra HD videos only with 15fps. Now, thanks to the more powerful processing units,

Sony HDR-AS20 sports camera

Sony HDR AS20 action camera

Sony HDR-AS20 old-school style action camera Sony wanted probably to offer something different through this HDR-AS20 for those who are bored by the GoPro style action cameras. The Sony HDR-AS20 has the design of an old-school mini camcorder. Do not be scared, the HD videos are stored on micro SD memory cards not on mini DV

MEEEGOU MEE+5 4K action camera

MEEEGOU MEE+5 4K action camera

MEEEGOU MEE+5 Ultra HD camera with 60 meter waterproof case Just saw an amazing slow motion video taken in Patagonia and I’m wondering whether cheap action cameras like this MEEEGOU MEE+5 are capable to produce the same result. Digging a bit into the subject I found that the 4K and 8K time-lapse video are

SOOCOO C30 Ultra HD Action Cam

SOOCOO C30 Ultra HD Action Camera

SOOCOO C30 affordable 4k sports camera with Diving mode This C30 will be the third action camera from Soocoo which I lately introduced. The most attractive part of this new SOOCOO C30 cam is probably the 4K resolution (2880 x 2160 at 24fps) shooting option. Scuba divers will probably be those who will mostly appreciate

Ricoh WG-M2 4K sports camera

Ricoh WG-M2 camera

Ricoh WG-M2 widest UHD action camera My first product from Ricoh was a CD-writer long long time ago. At that time I wouldn’t have thought they will produce action cameras also. This Ricoh WG-M2 has a very interesting design being “natively” waterproof without any additional accessories. Looking on the images with the

M20 Mini 4K UHD action camera

M20 mini 4K action camera

M20 Mini sports camera with UHD 4k video resolution Users are showing a growing need for smaller and smaller action cameras. In order to meet this new trend, the M20 Mini 4K has a very compact design with a size of only 5.33 x 3.9 x 5.1 cm. Build around the Novatek 96660 imaging processor, this tiny

SJ8000 “real” 4k action camera

SJ8000 UHD Sports Camera

SJ8000 Ultra High Definition sports camera First off all I checked SJCam’s websites for this SJ8000 camera and I didn’t find it there. It seams that this SJ8000 is not a genuine SJCam product. The package of the camera includes many mounting accessories that makes it just perfect for sports activities. I counted around 20

ThiEYE i60 waterproof action camera

ThiEYE i60 action camera

ThiEYE i60 camera with up to 120fps Finally a sports camera that is built not just to be robust but also to be very stylish. The ThiEYE i60 camera has a very clean and professional design and it is available in 3 different colors (silver, gold and black). Compared with large DSLR cameras, the ThiEYE

Discovery DS100 adventures camera

Discovery DS100 camera

Discovery DS100 camera with remote controller Probably this new DS100 camera is has nothing to do with the Discovery TV channels, but it was a smart idea to make a likeness with it. The Discovery DS100 compared to other action cameras has fully waterproofed without any additional case or housing. This