GOCam 4K action camera


GOCam 4K professional action camera Good news, another affordable professional 4K camera was just released . The GOCam 4K action cam comes with UHD resolution and electronic image stabilization. The design and features of this GOCam 4k are surprisingly similar with the ones the Hawkeye Firefly 6s has. Probably this 4k camera model will be

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SJ5000x 2K camera from SJCam

SJ5000x 2K action camera

SJ5000x with gyro anti-shake system SJCAM models like this new SJ5000x became over time one of the most popular sports camera for the extreme sports enthusiasts. Not to mention that they are probably the most feared competitor of the GoPro cameras. The SJCam action cams are popular for the good after sale customer support (firmware upgrades) and very

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Hawkeye Firefly 6s 4K quadcopter camera

Firefly 6s 4K

Hawkeye Firefly 6s 4K UHD action camera After the promising Firefly 5s camera, another Hawkeye model was announced. Keeping the same simplistic design of the previous model, the Firefly 6s comes with many professional features. This Hawkeye Firefly 6s camera offers gyro images stabilization and fish eye reduction function. Biggest improvement of this new model is

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EKEN H9 4k action camera

EKEN H9 4k camera

EKEN H9 with UHD video resolution Few years ago, when the first small action cameras were released , the highest video resolution was only 720p. Now we can find cameras with 4K (UHD) resolution, this new EKEN H9 sports camera is probably the least expensive of them. Looking at the video frame rates we will find why

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SJCAM SJ4000 Plus 2K camera

SJCAM SJ4000 Plus 2K

SJCAM SJ4000 Plus UltraHD action camera The Sj4000 was the first affordable alternative to the GoPro action camera. Now, with 2K ultradHD, this new SJ4000 Plus will become even more attractive. Another big thing of this new camera is the high frame rate. The SJ4000 Plus is capable to record videos with FHD 1080P (1920×1080) resolution

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Blackview DV800A 2.7K UHD

Blackview DV800A action camera

Blackview DV800A ultra HD action camera The Blackview DV800A was just released and is available only for preorders in two different packages. One basic package that includes only the camera, battery and charger and a deluxe one that includes many sports camera accessories including the 30m waterproofing case. Matching the simple and elegant design with high

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DOME G95A car camera

DOME G95A Car camera

DOME G95A UHD car camera with 2.7″ LCD The body of the DOME G95A camera is surprisingly made from metal, not plastic, which is the usual material for action cameras. The camera is mainly recommended to be used in cars and it has the same design with general purpose compact cameras, only much smaller. Setting the loop-cycle recording

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ZTHY AT300 Waterproof Action Cam

ZTHY AT300 Action Camera

AT300 high speed action camera New ZTHY AT300 WIFI action cam with 2″ LCD screen and UHD 2560 x 1440p video resolution. This AT300 action camera will capture your best moments during sports activities on high speed (up to 240fps) as well on slow motion. Together with the water proofing case, the camera can be used for water sports

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