Sony HDR-AS20 sports camera

Sony HDR AS20 action camera

Sony HDR-AS20 old-school style action camera Sony wanted probably to offer something different through this HDR-AS20 for those who are bored by the GoPro style action cameras. The Sony HDR-AS20 has the design of an old-school mini camcorder. Do not be scared, the HD videos are stored on micro SD memory cards not on mini DV

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OKAA 360 Degree panoramic action camera

OKAA 360 degree action camera

OKAA SY15SPC 360° sports camera for underwater filming A new product segment seems to try to enter in the world of action cameras, products that allow natively to capture 360 degree videos. Compared to Nikon’s KeyMission 360 and Kodak’s SP360, this OKAA 360 Degree offers similar panoramic filming capability at more affordable price. The OKAA 360 camera is capable to

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iLEPO SJ5000 Plus

ILEPO SJ5000 Plus action camera

iLEPO SJ5000 Plus with 173 degree wide angle lens In my opinion there is nothing outstanding on this new iLEPO SJ5000 Plus action camera, it is  just another SJCam clone. The iLEPO SJ5000 Plus is based on the same Novatek 96655 SoC (system-on-a-chip) as the SJcam’s model. On the first look,

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Dazzne P3 FHD action cam

Dazzne P3 camera

Dazzne P3 sports camera with 16MP Panasonic image sensor This new Dazzne P3 action camera is based on the powerful Ambarella A7LS imaging unit and the high quality Panasonic MN34120 image sensor. The camera is capable to record ultra high speed videos with up to 120fps. For almost continuous functionality, this

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W9 HD sports camera

W9 HD Action camera

W9 HD IP68 Waterproof Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera The market is full of action cameras like the W9 HD, although there are only few image processor (SoC) manufactures. On all these GoPro clones the concept is the same, they put together an imaging processor and a CMOS image sensor on a reasonable looking body. Mainly, the

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SOOCOO C10 multifunctional camera

SOOCOO C10 action camera

SOOCOO C10 – just another action camera clone? The Chinese people are fast when it comes to cloning electronics. Some Chinese electronic gadget makers actually launch the cloned model before the real one. And of course, they clone action cameras too. The most successful and best Gopro clone is probably the SJ5000 action camera which has also been

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iShare S800w with extra battery pack

iShare S800w Action camera

iShare S800w – New arrival sport Wi-Fi action camera The iShare S800w action camera adopts a completely new concept with removable live view display and extra battery pack for extended work time. Regarding the specs of the camera, I can say that is unlikely believable that the housing will resist to the pressure which

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