RunCam 3 Full HD FPV camera for drones

RunCam 3 Full HD camera for drones

RunCam 3 small form factor camera with 1080p@60fps video recording Following the success of the RC2, RunCam announced a new FPV camera with 1080@60fps video recording and completely new design. The RunCam 3 comes with a cubic form factor, similar to the GoPro Session. Its small size and AV-out makes the RC3 an excellent FPV

Excelvan Pro4 dirty cheap UHD drone camera

Excelvan Pro4 camera

Excelvan Pro4 4K camera with AV-out for FPV flights Usually when it comes about quadcopters/drones I recommend cheap cameras like this new Excelvan Pro4. Crashes are inevitable and you do not want to lose a $400 GoPro. My problem with these unknown cameras is that, although they promise great features, unfortunately image

11.11 Xiaomi action camera deals

double eleven Xiaomi action camera deals

11.11  – Massive price drop on all action cameras Probably 11.11 is the world’s second most expected day for shipping fanatics, of course, after Black Friday. While “Black Friday” (day following Thanksgiving Day) became popular thanks to the massive price drops in the US local stores, “11.11 aka Double Eleven” was introduced by Chinese online

FIREFLY 5S FPV quadcopter camera


Hawkeye FIREFLY 5S with ultra high capacity battery There are three important factors around action cameras: image quality, features and recording time. I can’t tell that this Hawkeye FIREFLY 5S excels in terms of image quality but definitely should have the longest operation time. Powered with a ultra high capacity 1600mAh battery the continuous working

Discovery DS100 adventures camera

Discovery DS100 camera

Discovery DS100 camera with remote controller Probably this new DS100 camera is has nothing to do with the Discovery TV channels, but it was a smart idea to make a likeness with it. The Discovery DS100 compared to other action cameras has fully waterproofed without any additional case or housing. This

SJ7000 action camera with big LCD display

SJ7000 action camera

SJ7000 improved SJ4000 with WIFI While looking for new action camera models, I found out about this SJ7000. Of course it has nothing to do with the SJCam manufacturer. The original SJCam camera models are: SJ1000, SJ2000, SJ3000, SJ4000, SJ5000 and M10 Cube. Mainly, the SJ7000 action camera has the same video and photo resolution

Evoplus E+ camera style action cam

Evoplus E+ camera

Evoplus E+ sports action camera with LCD and remote controller Mainly the design of the Evoplus E+ is similar with that has any other compact camera, but is much smaller and it has all the functionalities of the sports action cameras. The Evoplus E+ can be remotely triggered from up to

Zero Camera high speed FPV cam

Zero Camera 60FPS

Zero Camera with 60fps and AV-out This new FPV camera was just revealed. The high frame rate and the included AV-out cables makes the Zero camera a good option for first person view flights. The camera can be easily mounted directly on drones and quadcopters  using a frame mount, but to achieve the best video quality it must be mounted

EKOO S090 quadcopter camera

EKOO S090 camera

EKOO S090 first Mobius clone The EKOO S090 small action camera was just announced on Gearbest‘s website for only $64.48. This new tiny action cam has the same design and approximately same size as the popular Mobius cam. Weight of an action camera is critical in order to be used on small quadcopters, but with only 37g the EKOO

SJ5000 Full HD Sports camera

SJ5000 Action Camera

SJ5000 WIFI Action camera – probably the best GoPro clone There are two versions of the SJ5000 camera, one basic model and one with WIFI confection. The price difference between these two models is only about $15, both camera models have the same design and are available in six different colors.