SJ8000 camera test video

Amazing winter video captured with the SJ8000 camera In the video bellow Marco Soave tests his SJ8000 camera during differnt winters sports. This video shows perfectly how the SJ8000 reacts to fast light condition changes. We can see the reaction of the camera when the lens is facing the sun. Don’t forget to set your YouTube player to full […]

Sony HDR-AS20 sports camera

Sony HDR AS20 action camera

Sony HDR-AS20 old-school style action camera Sony wanted probably to offer something different through this HDR-AS20 for those who are bored by the GoPro style action cameras. The Sony HDR-AS20 has the design of an old-school mini camcorder. Do not be scared, the HD videos are stored on micro SD memory cards not on mini DV tapes or DVDs like it was 10 […]

AMKOV AMK100S panoramic action cam

AMKOV AMK100S action camera

AMKOV AMK100S 360 degree 1440P WiFi Action Camera After several 360 degree camera announcements it was time for AMKOV to come up with a contender. Although the AMKOV AMK100S‘s lens has only 220° field of view it is advertised as fully panoramic camera. The AMK100S camera has multiple control possibilities. It can be remotely controlled through the SYMAX360 […]

Kodak SP360 4K 360-degree action cam

Kodak SP360 4K action camera

Kodak PixPro SP360 4K world’s first UHD 360-degree action camera After the great success of the Kodak’s first 360º panoramic camera, it was inevitable for them to come up with an upgraded Ultra HD model. This new Kodak PixPro SP360 4K camera allows to capture 4K circular videos with 2880×[email protected] fps. As everything is better when it comes double, the “Dual Pro Pack” includes two SP360 4K cameras in order […]

MEEEGOU MEE+5 4K action camera

MEEEGOU MEE+5 4K action camera

MEEEGOU MEE+5 Ultra HD camera with 60 meter waterproof case Just saw an amazing slow motion video taken in Patagonia and I’m wondering whether cheap action cameras like this MEEEGOU MEE+5 are capable to produce the same result. Digging a bit into the subject I found that the 4K and 8K time-lapse video are actually captured frame by frame with […]

OKAA 360 Degree panoramic action camera

OKAA 360 degree action camera

OKAA SY15SPC 360° sports camera for underwater filming A new product segment seems to try to enter in the world of action cameras, products that allow natively to capture 360 degree videos. Compared to Nikon’s KeyMission 360 and Kodak’s SP360, this OKAA 360 Degree offers similar panoramic filming capability at more affordable price. The OKAA 360 camera is capable to capture panoramic videos on 2560 x 1440 […]

SOOCOO C30 Ultra HD Action Cam

SOOCOO C30 Ultra HD Action Camera

SOOCOO C30 affordable 4k sports camera with Diving mode This C30 will be the third action camera from Soocoo which I lately introduced. The most attractive part of this new SOOCOO C30 cam is probably the 4K resolution (2880 x 2160 at 24fps) shooting option. Scuba divers will probably be those who will mostly appreciate the “Diving mode – Red […]

H9R camera with remote controller

H9R camera

H9R 4K camera with remote controller from Eken This Eken H9R is basically the same as the H9 action camera but, in order to make an easier operation, it is delivered with a 2.4G remote controller. The RC has two buttons and two status LEDs. One button allows to star/stop video recording and the other button allows to […]

Ricoh WG-M2 4K sports camera

Ricoh WG-M2 camera

Ricoh WG-M2 widest UHD action camera My first product from Ricoh was a CD-writer long long time ago. At that time I wouldn’t have thought they will produce action cameras also. This Ricoh WG-M2 has a very interesting design being “natively” waterproof without any additional accessories. Looking on the images with the camera I have the impression […]

E1 camera with interchangeable lenses

E1 camera

E1 4K action camera with micro four-thirds lens mount Biggest disadvantage of the regular GoPro and alike cameras is that are equipped with built-in lenses. This E1 camera is the first one which offers through the micro four-thirds lens mount an easy way to change the lenses. The E1’s lens mount is compatible with Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Leica and Sigma lenses. Of course […]