Kodak SP360 4K 360-degree action cam

Kodak SP360 4K action camera

Kodak PixPro SP360 4K world’s first UHD 360-degree action camera After the great success of the Kodak’s first 360º panoramic camera, it was inevitable for them to come up with an upgraded Ultra HD model. This new Kodak PixPro SP360 4K camera allows to capture 4K circular videos with 2880×2880@30 fps. As everything is better when it comes double, the “Dual Pro Pack” includes two

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OKAA 360 Degree panoramic action camera

OKAA 360 degree action camera

OKAA SY15SPC 360° sports camera for underwater filming A new product segment seems to try to enter in the world of action cameras, products that allow natively to capture 360 degree videos. Compared to Nikon’s KeyMission 360 and Kodak’s SP360, this OKAA 360 Degree offers similar panoramic filming capability at more affordable price. The OKAA 360 camera is capable to

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Ricoh WG-M2 4K sports camera

Ricoh WG-M2 camera

Ricoh WG-M2 widest UHD action camera My first product from Ricoh was a CD-writer long long time ago. At that time I wouldn’t have thought they will produce action cameras also. This Ricoh WG-M2 has a very interesting design being “natively” waterproof without any additional accessories. Looking on the images with the

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Mokacam 4K sports camera

Mokacam 4K camera

Mokacam 4K world’s smallest UHD action camera This Mokacam 4K comes with approximately the same form factor and size like the popular Hero4 Session but with greater video and photo resolution. The add-on live view LCD screen is a great news for those who are accustomed to see in real-time exactly

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ELEPHONE ELE Explorer UHD sports camera Firstly I heard about the ELEPHONE manufacturer when they announced the P7000 smartphone. I’m very curious if this ELEPHONE ELE Explorer camera will have the same success. Based on the powerful Aliwinner V3 imaging unit the ELE Explorer camera is capable to record videos with 3840*2160 resolution

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Soocoo F60 Ultra HD action camera

Soocoo F60 sports camera

Soocoo F60 4K camera with Allwinner V3 imaging unit Recently there were announced many action cameras build around the Allwinner V3 imaging unit. This Soocoo F60 seems to be one of the most attractive of them. Some benefits of the Allwinner V3 single-on-chip (SoC): Ultra HD resolution; Low power consumption; Wireless connectivity; 1080p@70fps video encoding.

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