SJ8000 “real” 4k action camera

SJ8000 UHD Sports Camera

SJ8000 Ultra High Definition sports camera First off all I checked SJCam’s websites for this SJ8000 camera and I didn’t find it there. It seams that this SJ8000 is not a genuine SJCam product. The package of the camera includes many mounting accessories that makes it just perfect for sports activities. I counted around 20

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SJ5000x 2K camera from SJCam

SJ5000x 2K action camera

SJ5000x with gyro anti-shake system SJCAM models like this new SJ5000x became over time one of the most popular sports camera for the extreme sports enthusiasts. Not to mention that they are probably the most feared competitor of the GoPro cameras. The SJCam action cams are popular for the good after sale customer support (firmware upgrades) and very

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SJCAM SJ4000 Plus 2K camera

SJCAM SJ4000 Plus 2K

SJCAM SJ4000 Plus UltraHD action camera The Sj4000 was the first affordable alternative to the GoPro action camera. Now, with 2K ultradHD, this new SJ4000 Plus will become even more attractive. Another big thing of this new camera is the high frame rate. The SJ4000 Plus is capable to record videos with FHD 1080P (1920×1080) resolution

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