Blackview DV800A 2.7K UHD

Blackview DV800A action camera

Blackview DV800A ultra HD action camera

The Blackview DV800A was just released and is available only for preorders in two different packages. One basic package that includes only the camera, battery and charger and a deluxe one that includes many sports camera accessories including the 30m waterproofing case.

Matching the simple and elegant design with high end specs like UHD resolution and high speed 60fps video recording, makes the Blackview DV800A camera indispensable from your summer holiday.

With generous accessory pack, live view LCD screen and internal speaker in a war of specs and features, the DV800A beats in some terms the popular Xiaomi YI action camera, but each of us must decide which is the perfect action cam for him.

Blackview DV800A features and specs:

Imaging unit Ambarella A7LS75
Image sensor SONY IMX206
Sensor size 16.35MP
Lens F2.4 HJ5030A TTL=23mm
Display Yes, 1.5? 480×240 High Definition LCD
Video formats UHD 2.7K 2560*1080 30fps, 2360*1296 30fps and FHD high frame rate 1920*1080 60fps
Audio Built in microphone, 8? speaker
Photo resolution 16MP(5312*2988) and 13MP(4800*2700)
Working modes Video, continuous recording, multiple film modes, photography and time lapse photography
Battery 1050mAh Li-ion battery
Storage Up to 32 micro SD memory card
Connectivity WIFI
Connectors micro USB and micro HDMI digital video out
Waterproof Optional, Up to 30 meters with case
FPV not confirmed
Other Available in standard and deluxe package
Camera size 59.27 x 41.13 x 29.28mm
Weight N/A
Colors Silver
Included with Blackview DV800A in the deluxe package:
  • 30m waterproof case;
  • 1050Ah battery;
  • USB Charging and data cable;
  • Power adapter;
  • Tripod mount;
  • Fixed based;
  • Helmet base;
  • Ribbon;
  • Bicycle camera mount;
  • 3M adhesive tapes;
  • Cleaning wipes;
  • Blackview DV800A user manual.


  1. Just ordered one of these cameras, I preferred the Blackview DV800A Hero 1 instead of Hero 2.
    It has better imaging unit and Sony CCD sensor. Also the WiFi connection can be more useful that a remote controller.

  2. I own the hero 1 action camera about 2 weeks. The quality is very good, but sommetimes it freezes during startup. Any idea how can i solve this issue?

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