11.11 Xiaomi action camera deals

double eleven Xiaomi action camera deals

11.11  – Massive price drop on all action cameras

Probably 11.11 is the world’s second most expected day for shipping fanatics, of course, after Black Friday. While “Black Friday” (day following Thanksgiving Day) became popular thanks to the massive price drops in the US local stores, “11.11 aka Double Eleven” was introduced by Chinese online stores.

On 11.11, most of the well known Chinese online stores like Aliexpress, GearBest and Banggood promise huge price dropping on hobby electronics (smartphones, tablets, action cameras and RC toys). Usually, on 11.11 you can find price reduction from 10% up to 60%.

Xiaomi cameras can be found on 11 November with up to 56 % off. In my opinion, those who are willing to purchase a new action camera should wait till next Friday in order to save couple to bucks.

Huge price reduction on Xiaomi YI II 4K camera

Currently, the “YI II 4K” is Xiaomi’s flagship action camera model. It was announced to be a cheaper alternative to the GoPro 4 Black. Although, I saw many convincing reviews and side-by-side comparisons of these two cameras (Xiaomi YI 4k vs GoPro 4) I didn’t purchased the YI 4K (yet).

Frankly, I was a bit shocked when I found out that its initial price was rated at $280. This was the main reason for not jumping to buy this camera. Lets be honest, Xiaomi cameras have good reputation but are still Chinese products and probably will never have the quality, reliability and customer support of GoPro products.Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera deals

Biggest advantage of the Xiaomi YI II over its predecessor is the 4K resolution and generous live-view LCD with touch control.

Available @ GearBest

Now, thanks to GeraBest’s 11.11 price reduction, the Xiaomi YI 4k camera will be on sale at the price of $206.99 (including free shipping). You can use the saved money to buy a water proof case and a bluetooth selfie-stick for the camera.

Price drop on Xiaomi Yi Action full HD sports cameras

XIAOYI (YI) was Xiaomi’s first action camera model. If I remember correctly, it was announced about two years ago but it sill has great popularity. One side thanks to the good image quality and the other hand to its nice simplistic design.

Although the Xiaomi Yi doesn’t have any LCD screen (status or live-view) it can be easily configured through the YI Action APP.

One of my friends used the Xiaomi Yi camera mounted on his Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter to capture aerial videos. Honestly, he managed to capture some truly nice aerial footages with this inexpensive camera.

Next Friday (11 November) at GB the Xiaomi YI will be sold at 73.99. Those who are interested to use the camera for water-sports, the suitable waterproofing case can be bought at the price of $33.56.

XIAOMI YI camera deals

Xiaomi Xiaoyi IP surveillance cameras

I know IP cameras are not exactly my niche, but because I’m a Xiaomi fan I decided to mention few words about them.

Currently Xiaomi has 3 IP camera models. Two fixed cameras (Xiaoyi Night Vision 720P and Xiaoyi Smart IP 1080P) and a Pan/Tilt camera (Yi Dome). All 3 models have Wi-Fi connection and can be accessed through your desktop PC as well through your mobile device (smartphone / tablet). Another great feature of these Xiaomi IP cameras is the dual audio which allows to use them as intercom.

Xiaomi Xiaoyi 11.11 IP deals

On 11.11, the price of the Xiaomi Xiaoyi IP cam will drop from $123.43 to $46.99, the price of the Xiaoyi 1080P from $200 to $93.99. The Yi Done IP Cam will also have massive price reduction and will be sold on 11.11 for $60.99 including free shipping.

View more 11.11 offers here.

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